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Welcome to the Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library (LSHSL) Guide to Resources for the College of Nursing. The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate through the many resources available to you through the LSHSL system and as well as those available freely online.

  • Assist you in navigating the literature resources
  • Assist you in managing your citations
  • Meet with you to provide research guidance



  • Serve as a guest instructor in class sessions on locating and evaluating information
  • Provide consultations for searching the literature and research
  • Create electronic alerts in areas of interest
  • Provide assistance in locating and literature searches for and in support of funding opportunities


If you need immediate help locating a resource, buzz the Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library and speak with a reference librarian at (202) 884-1522 when we are open.

Off Campus Access

1. Using

Log in with your ID (ex: jahala.simuel) and password (that you use when checking email). 

Need Assistance? Call 202-806-2020 (IT HelpDesk)

2. Using your library account

Go to the Health Sciences Library homepage (  Click on the "Databases" link

Choose "Howard" from the drop down menu → Log in with your last name and  ID #

Need Assistance? Call 202-804-1520 (Library)

3. Pubmed vs. Pubmed @ Howard

When using PubMed, always go through either or so that you can see the "HU Online" link when the full text is available to Howard. 

When full-text is not available

Step 1: If you don't see "HU Online" in the upper right corner, click "Send to" right below the search box → Click "Order" → Click "Order articles".

Step 2: Sign up for (or sign into) a LoansomeDoc account. 

Nursing Liaison

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Jahala Simuel
Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library
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