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This guide provides resources for patient safety and quality improvement. It includes e-journals, e-books, guidelines, various tools, organizations and sample PubMed searches.

Howard QI Publications

Ayetunji TA, Turner PL, Onguti SK, Ehanire ID, Dorsett FO, Fullum TM, Cornwell EE 3rd, Haider AH (2013), Predictors of postdischarge complications: role of in-hospital length of stay, American Journal of Surgery, 205(1), 71-6. 

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Featured Publications

Readmission and Mortality at Minority-serving hospitals

Hechenbleikner EM et. al. Do hospital factors impact readmissions and mortality after colorectal resections at minority-serving hospitals? Surgery. 2017; 161(3): 846-854. 

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Adverse Events After Hospital Discharge

Forster AJ, Murff HJ,  Peterson JF et. al. Adverse drug events occurring following hospital discharge. J Gen Intern Med. 2005; 20 (4): 317-23.

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Hospital Readmission

Zuckerman RB,  Sheingold SH, Orav EJ, et. al. Readmissions, observation, and the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program.  N Engl J Med.  2016; 374: 1543-1551

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